Happy Birthday Jal!


Happy Birthday Jal Peruchini! We hope you have a good one and Nicole takes good care of you! Haha


12/23/14 Tuesday


Find 1-Rep Max Power Jerk

Going heavy again today heck yeah! We will find a max power jerk today. A coach will go over the technique and what they want to see in class.

WOD- 3 Rounds

-10 Hang Power Cleans (60/40)
-400m Run

In this great wod we want to see who can stay unbroken on the cleans and really push the runs. We would like to see everyone pick a weight that they can move easily and keep moving on those runs.


Tad and Andrew getting after the burpees from Thursday’s awesome WOD.

Front Squat- Build up to a Heavy 1 rep

Today could be a day for a PR if you’re feeling it. If you feel good while warming up then go for it. If you don’t feel right then just work up to a Heavy single for the day and be done.

WOD- 20-15-10-5

-Overhead Squats (45/30)
-Hand release push ups

12/19/14 Saturday


With a Partner:

5 Rounds
-20 Power Cleans (60/40)
-20 Toes to Bar
-200m Run

These reps can be split up however you want. You must make sure that all reps and rounds are done as stated. Power cleans abs toes to bar are done one person at a time but that runs will be done together.

12/19/14 Friday


Snatch- 4×1 @90% or moreĀ 

Going heavy once again because it’s Friday! Today you will warmup slowly to 90% of your max snatch and hit 4 singles at that weight or more depending on how you feel. You only get 4 sets above 90% though so don’t keep going up after 4 sets.

WOD- “Baby Kalsu” (without burpees)

-50 Thrusters (60/40)

*EMOM do 10 Double UndersĀ 

This workout is 50 Thrusters for time but you have to compete 10 Double Unders at the top of each minute including the first minute. The original workout “Kalsu” is 100 Thrusters for time with 5 Burpees EMOM but we’re not that mean to give you guys that WOD. You can ask the Misfit Crew or Steve how much “fun” Kalsu actually is….

12/18/14 Thursday


Bench Press- Find 1RM

Oooh kill em! Have a little fun with this and talk some trash, you too ladies!

WOD- Death by Burpees

-Increase by 2 each round starting with 2

In death by Burpees you will preform the work like an EMOM. The workout starts with two burpees the first minute, you rest until the next minute and hit four burpees that minute. You will climb the ladder until you cannot finish the prescribed reps within that minute.

12/17/14 Wednesday


Deadlifts- 3×10 AHAP

These will all be touch and go reps. Start between 50-60% of your best Deadlift and go up from there depending on how each set feels.

WOD- 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

-Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

This is a high rep for HSPU which means it would be easy to hit failure with having the combo of Kettlebell swings with them. Choose a scale that appropriately fits you moving fast and close to unbroken. The swings are prescribed light so be sure to stay light and fast on those as well.